We’re proud to offer an extensive list of superior-quality wines and handcrafted cocktails.

Our award-winning J-Prime wine-list includes more than 300 labels from all around the world. Additionally, there is also a large selection of wine-by-the-glass options for selected labels, allowing everyone to enjoy their unique preference.

Our in-house wine experts can help you select the ideal bottle and pairing for your meal. Additionally, we offer a J-Prime membership program that can get you up to 40% discounts on our labels.

Top-notch mixologists are here to curate the perfect cocktail for you. Our craft bar is equipped with countless different cocktails designed by our team per season, with an extensive list of selections from Bourbons, Whiskeys, Cognacs, to the rest of our highly curated selection of topshelf liquors.

Specials and Happy Hour
JP Bar mixologists create hand crafted cocktails starting at $9.00 each. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing for any cocktail, browse through our bar menu, where we offer hot and cold appetizers as low as $13.00.

We host Happy Hour all day Mondays and Sundays, and from 4:30-7pm Tuesday- Saturday.

69.95 for 3-course brunch. Open dinner menu available at 4pm
69.95 for 3-course brunch. Open dinner menu available at 4pm
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