Wine Tasting Events Welcoming Everyone

J-Prime Steakhouse not only boasts a decadent dinner menu with an extensive wine list, but we are also proud to provide informational and quality wine and spirit tastings. With our unique décor and attention to detail. Guests can partake in a world tour of sparkling wines, enjoy a variety of rich Bordeauxs, discover the various ways to ferment liquor, or taste different varietals from a specific vineyard.

Not Just For Wine Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a Master Sommelier, or you enjoy an occasional glass of wine with dinner, our wine tastings welcome anyone who wants to experience the latest flavors! If you have minimal knowledge, don’t worry—we provide a comprehensive education on all of the beverages we offer. With our tastings, you can learn which varietal will pair with certain food, enjoy wines that you probably never knew existed, take part in a four-course meal with accompanying pairings, and converse with other wine lovers in an intimate setting.

Other Tastings

Don’t really enjoy wine? We also offer tastings of various alcoholic beverages, focusing on regions or types of spirits. Enjoy the smokey, honey flavors of whiskey and scotch, the roasted agave taste of tequila, the floral smells of gin, or the rich history of brandy. Impress your friends, co-workers, or significant other with your knowledge and understanding of different types and vintages of spirits.

If you’ve ever had an interest in wine or spirits, but you found the topic daunting or intimidating, join us for our tastings! We present a simple and easy journey into the tasting world. Find your favorite wine varietal or vineyard, learn the history of the region’s geography, significance to the grapes they grow, and more.

Come and experience pairing perfection over a 5-course handcrafted dinner, just for you!